Real-Life, Street-Smart Tips From a Top SA Pro


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  1. The User is your Client, not the Developer
    Always see the end-user's perspective as well as the programmer's. Remember that even the most elegant technical solution is worthless if it doesn’t solve the user’s functional needs and improve user experience.
  2. Fix the Must-Have features before the Nice-To-Haves. Or else
    Make sure you know which system requirements are “must have” and which are “nice to have”. If including the last 10% of optional features will double the development time, make sure that your employer knows this (put it in writing!) and takes responsibility for the decision. If the project takes too long, there's no ROI for company (and you will be blamed).
  3. Keep your technical chops sharp
    Keep your IT skills up to date. When getting requirements from the user you want to know before creating specs for the programmer if there is any new technical functionality or limitation which affects what you can and cannot deliver. Maintaining technical credibility will also help you earn the programmer’s respect. 
  4. Make both the Developer and the End-User your allies
    The trick to really excel as an SA is to get both the user and the programmer to be on your side. Then when you need to ask either (or both) of them for compromises to keep the scope of the project realistic, they will help you instead of fighting with you.
  5. Manage expectations. The User may want what the Developer can't Deliver
    Even if everyone on the project gets along, there will always be some conflict between what the user wants and what the developers can deliver. You’ll be happier if you see this as a challenge to improve your analytical and problem-solving skills. In the long run those are your most valuable career assets as an SA.

Advise by: Cattaleeya Thongchaivetcharat
Oracle Functional Consultant at Hitachi Consulting (Thailand) Ltd.


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