ThoughtWorks Talks Tech: VodQA Thailand 1st edition

วันที่ 11 ตุลาคม 2560 (18.00น. – 20.0น.)

สถานที่ CC Comeeting Space


VodQA (values-oriented discussion for quality analysts) is an opportunity for testing enthusiasts to get together, network and collaborate on the latest developments in software testing world. The forum offers a unique platform within the software testing industry to strengthen the QA community through knowledge sharing.

ThoughtWorks Thailand is proud to bring the first ever VodQA to Bangkok. The event has had many successes throughout Singapore and India.

The theme for this VodQA is "Agile World"
Here is the agenda:
1. Agile Game
2. QA in Agile environment

Location : BB comeeting space (Room A1)
BTS (Chong Nontri) ช่องนนทรี - 270 m 
MRT (Silom) สีลม - 730 m


For more information:

For any queries contact us at : 02 026 3652
Twitter: @ThoughtWorksThailand


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