Global Metaverse Carnival 2022

วันที่ 6-9 ธันวาคม 2565 (16.00-00.00)

สถานที่ Online

Global Metaverse Summit 2022 is for the English and Chinese markets,it will be held from 6-8 December in the 3D online event venue this year, and will bring together 2000+ participants from Metaverse brands, investors, technology companies, blockchain companies, and Media to discuss the significant global events happening in the Metaverse in the second half of 2022!


Event Venue: This is the online event, and it will hold in our custom 3D snow house virtual event system in which everyone creates a unique avatar of their own and walk around the venue to explore the 3D expo area, talk, and Q&A with the speakers, exhibitors, investors, and others!

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